Video is an effective tool that’s gaining momentum by the minute. In Vidyard’s most recent survey, more than 70% of respondents claim that video performs better than other content for producing conversions.

At the same time, Levels Beyond 2014 Consumer Research revealed that 75% of marketers say they “rarely or never” produce videos to share with their followers online.

Video Marketing B2B

It’s not easy making videos

The truth is, it takes a lot of effort to produce good video content, and a lot of expense. Videos are difficult to produce, and even more difficult to produce well.

There are many challenges when it comes to producing videos, but two hurdles definitely keep a lot of us out of the game:

  1. Cost of production. You have to consider camera rental, sound equipment, lighting, space, talent, and scripts — this is a lot to develop and pay for just to produce one or two videos. Once you get the video, you’ll also have to consider post production costs, which can be expensive, particularly if you’re not used to giving direction and need to make multiple changes.
  2. Getting the right people on camera. Companies are global, remote, and spread out all over the world. The three people you need for your video might be in three different countries.

There is a way to make B2B marketing with videos work for you

I’d like to share one strategy you can use to overcome both.

Find a time when a large portion of your team members will be in the same place at the same time. This could be:

  • A major industry event
  • Your annual sales meeting
  • A corporate retreat where sales, product, and executive teams converge

Now that you’ll have everyone in one place, book a video crew to shoot over two days and create a schedule that allows you to cycle through as many people as possible.

This creates an economy of scale because now you can record dozens of videos at a single event, with lots of different team members who represent various aspects of your company. This may even be an opportunity to get customer or partner testimonials, too.

Cost savings plus lots of extra benefits

I’ve used this method five times. For one video, my original estimates were $100,000 to hire the crews I’d need and get all the on-camera interviews I wanted, on the same type of film and with the same sound equipment. When an opportunity came up that allowed me to consolidate my efforts to one crew at one location — and I had a bit of time to plan — my costs dropped to $20,000.

With this method, it’s also possible to reap many other benefits, like  having different voices on camera that offer different perspectives.

You can also get lots of people answering the same question so that when someone leaves the company and you have to remove that person’s video footage, you have plenty of backup.

So what are the challenges?

  1. It’s on your shoulders. It takes more work on your part to coordinate. You have to pull together everyone’s schedules and book them to come in and shoot at specific times, which can be difficult if they aren’t there for that purpose.
  2. Plan for lots of planning time. It takes work ahead of time to plan what will be discussed, by whom, and for what video. But scripting out your questions will help direct answers so you can really plot out the video you want to make in advance.
  3. Get ready to do some coaching. You may want one person to talk about 3-4 topics. That’s good, but you have to remember to prep each interviewee to discuss each topic so that their answers are fluent and informed.
  4. Take lots of notes. Post production can be a nightmare without planning. The footage you deliver will most likely be out of order. You’ll have to maintain a solid schedule and keep very accurate notes of what everyone said — with timecodes. It is vital to being able to pick out the best content and reduce post-production time by giving solid direction.

If you are still reading this, I want to reiterate that last point. Be “Johnny Super Note Taker” during video shoots, so you have a basis to remember things when it comes to video editing time. It creates huge efficiencies.

My results

My method typically reaps amazing rewards.  I can produce 20-40 videos at a time…one event alone netted me 60 videos, some used for promotion and others used for internal training.

That brings up my bonus point. Partner with internal HR and training people in sales and business development to help coordinate. This is valuable stuff to them, and having them on board can lend your product credence.


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