Alaura Weaver joins me on this week’s After Hours Marketing podcast to chat story-based copywriting. Alaura is a freelance copywriter who works one-on-one with innovators. Alaura has a background in B2B sales and was a theater major who wrote her own plays. Her unique background means she is able to deliver some fantastic content to her clients.

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Also, this means Alaura tackles copywriting projects a bit more creatively than others in her field because she focuses on story-based copy vs. sales-based copy. Don’t worry, we do go deeper on the show about the key differences between the two, but the short and sweet version is that story-based copy brings the customer in as the hero of their story; not your brand or product.

Everybody is focused on the SEO on how to generate traffic and often times they sacrifice quality in order to deliver highly optimized content. The trick to good copy is having those important keywords in an article, but also delivering depth and meaning to the piece as well. At the end of the day, getting traffic is great, but that doesn’t always mean it will convert, especially if you have poor copy on your side.

Story-Based Copywriting

However, in order to tell a story, you don’t just need a ‘beginning, middle, and end’. A story is so much more than that. A great story brings in a hero who overcomes, conquers obstacles, and eventually succeeds. So, how do you tie this into business? Easy, you make your customer the hero of a story who is going through a common pain point most of your customers go through and how using your product can make them triumphant and overcome their struggles.

In order to successfully craft such a story, you need to do extensive market research on your target audience. The more specific you are with your target user, the more engaging your content will be. A common counterpoint Alaura receives when doing this is that clients are often afraid of narrowing down their target audience too much that they risk alienating the rest of their audience.

Story-Based CopywritingAlaura believes this is a good thing. Why? Because it means that you’re really, really hitting those specific users at their core. Catering to everybody is often not the best thing because not everybody will have the same pain point and if they don’t have the same pain point, then writing copy that relates will become nearly impossible.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Alaura and she offers a ton of great tips on the podcast about how to write engaging copy, story-based copywriting, and goes through the process on how to hire an effective storyteller and not a story seller.