Hey everyone,

Today, I’m coming at you with a new interview from the After Hours Marketing podcast. Andy and I interview Colin Burns, the Account Director at Sprinklr. We actually recorded this conversation as we were wrapping up the year 2016.

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It was interesting chatting with Colin about some of the biggest changes that happened in 2016. One of Colin’s observations was that IT personnel are getting more involved with marketing simply because they have the data and are able to interpret quicker. According to Colin, more people are making an effort to learn analytical skills on the marketing side, because tracking results has become a big focal point for many companies.

Shifting our focus to what we can look forward to in 2017, Colin spoke about some of the issues of fake news, and whether it’s Facebook/Google’s responsibility to do anything about it. It’s going to be interesting defining the line between free speech vs. awful propaganda (like whether the holocaust was real).

It can be a particularly deadly combo when there’s fake news on Facebook, because so little people are sharing things these days that what they do share tends to be taken as truth. We’re more likely to believe what our friends and family are sharing, than what’s on the news, for example. If this indicates anything, we need to be much more skeptical and really, really fact check things before we share it to our page.

Overall, Colin does believe it’s a good thing that Facebook is tackling some of these fake news issues, but we simply just don’t know ‘how far’ is too far just yet.

Another thing we discussed on the interview was the future of Twitter. Twitter has been doing some interesting things lately. Colin would have never thought 8 years ago that he would be able to watch a football game on Twitter. This leads to some speculation as to what Twitter is up to. Are they preparing themselves for an acquisition? It’s definitely a bit too early to tell.