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The guys and I have got drinks in our hand and we’re ready to lay down the truth about Facebook ads! Are you ready? Here we go.

Facebook is honestly light years ahead of everyone in the game right now when it comes to their ads. So, on the podcast, we start off with Damon as he is very much in the trenches when it comes to Facebook advertising.

Damon loves using Facebook ads, especially when trying to establish local dominance in his client’s industry. Facebook ads give a wide range of features where you can target the specific community you want to reach based off of zip codes and pages your audience has already liked. They make it super easy for lead generation as well, because Facebook ads are cheap in comparison to radio or billboard ads and it targets a better quality audience.

Based on Damon’s client’s goals, he’ll use the data his clients have provided him and input it into Facebook to map a good target audience and the cost to target that audience. So, what’s the value of a Facebook click? It boils down to it generates more awareness for your company. Facebook ads is an incredibly affordable way to bring brand awareness to your zip code location or to your target demographic, which is why we highly recommend using it. By the way, if you’ve got an email address out of a Facebook click, that’s definitely considered a conversion.

However, just because you’re creating brand awareness, this doesn’t mean you aren’t able to include an action step in your advertising as well. You absolutely can create brand awareness and include an important action step in your Facebook ad. What Damon tries to get his clients to understand is that at the top of the marketing funnel it starts with brand awareness and then it trickles down into an eventual sale.

Another great point of using Facebook ads is that you don’t have to try so hard to find new clients. Facebook has the ability to connect new users to your service from already established clients who currently use you and love you. Damon believes the future of marketing will come down to marketing to audiences, not marketing to specific customers, because honestly that’s what Facebook seems to be doing already. It’s up to us as marketers to get smarter about where our target audiences are traveling to.

Also, when you pay Facebook, you’re basically ensuring that your audiences see your blog post. You automatically pop up on their news feed, which means it keeps you fresh in their minds. This is absolutely fantastic and something you can’t get with email. With that said, Facebook is also fantastic for e-commerce, so don’t feel left out if you’re not a location-based business.

The guys actually do a deeper dive on look-alike audiences, so if this conversation peaked your interest, I highly encourage you to give episode 7 of the After Hours Marketing podcast a listen.