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DOMINATION in the Thunderdome! This week’s podcast is all about how you can dominate social media in your local market. My co-hosts Damon and Andy join me to discuss creative ways you can target a highly competitive market in your local zip code.

To start off, what does it really mean to ‘dominate local social’? Well, whenever I hear those words, it means that your local business has been able to capture the lion’s share of attention when it comes to topics that are important to you and your customers. Basically, the moment you’ve gotten more than you’ve put into it, you’ve successfully dominated local social.

Andy believes you’ve successfully dominated local social when you’ve developed the right presence, where people see a much more human element to your brand. A brand has successfully crushed local social when they respond to messages quickly and they are part of the community.

Damon believes that it’s not so much who you’re targeting but where you’re targeting. Damon makes it a point to figure out where the target audience hangs out the most on social media and makes sure that audience is well aware that your local company exists. When you’ve successfully got your community and zip code talking about you or at least everybody on the block knows who you are and what you do, you’ve officially crushed it in local social.

Another thing you want to look at when you’re dominating local social is your competitor market. There are two aspects to this. There are competitors who are directly competing against you that you have to be aware of. You also have to be aware of people who may not necessarily be in the same market as you, but are in the same industry and often talk about similar topics as you.

For example, if you’re in the pizza business, you have to look out for other pizza show owners (direct competitor) as well as the guy selling food products like burgers and hot dogs (in-direct competitor). You want to pay close attention to what the food industry is doing.

The good news is that there’s no better time to be a business owners because the tools available today are so, so cheap! Multinational corporations spend millions of dollars on marketing and they often times fall short on local market brand awareness. We now live in a time where the small business owner can fairly compete against the big guys on social media and win!

What makes a successful local brand? I believe it’s people who have already tapped into who they are already and they are just maintaining that presence online. When you think about the ones that do very well, they often have a bit of interesting personality to them that attract our attention.

Are you interested in how much it would cost for local business to dip their toe on local social? It honestly can just take a couple of bucks to get you started, but if you’re curious about this topic, I highly encourage you to check out the After Hours Marketing podcast where the guys and I expand much deeper on this topic.