There’s always a “moment” right before you publish a new piece of content. It’s a moment that gives you pause, causes your heart to beat a bit faster and for your brow to sweat a bit more. I call it the moment of truth. So over the last few years I’ve developed three questions that help me know whether the quality of what I’ve produced is worth publishing.

questions to ask before publishingWill Anyone Care? Will anyone read this content, watch this video or look at this photo and actually care about what I’m saying. Am I providing value through education, interest or otherwise in anyway? This is the most important question because it speaks to whether you know your audience at all. Do you know their fears, challenges, limitations or hopes, dreams, and aspirations well enough to connect with them in some meaningful way.

Would Someone Share This? Is this content good enough that someone would want to share it with their networks? The way I think of shareable content is whether or not it would make them look smarter to their networks when they share it. Will this content spark conversation or discussion? Will it create controversy or generate any kind of conversation.

This is the easiest question to answer because all you can go on is your past history of what you’ve produced and how well it’s been shared. The good thing is that no one has figured out how to perfectly construct a shareable piece of content all the time every time. Every marketer marketer fails at shareable content and so will you. But if you ask yourself this question and think there’s any chance it could be shareable, it’s time to move on to question #3.

How Does This Help Me? It doesn’t matter what your answer is to this question it only matters that you have an answer. It matters that you know what you hope to get out of this content. Are you looking to generate awareness, promote an event or product or to get better at producing that type of content? The only thing that matters is that you have a goal, and can measure that goal later to determine whether you achieved that goal.

You don’t have to answer yes or affirmative to all these questions. You just have to ask yourself them to gut check yourself as to whether it’s worth it to publish.

When I was writing this post I realized it’s not a very shareable article. There’s nothing remarkable here to generate controversy or prompt interesting insights that people have never thought of before. But what it does do is provide a thought process for how I generate my content and publish. And it gives people better insight into who I am and how I think which is the purpose of this post for me.

What are the questions you ask yourself before publishing new content?

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